Special Ingredient To Joyful Occasions


Citrus is one of the most popular fruit commodities in the world because of its refreshing flavor and nutritional values. We are efficient harvesting and processing technologies in the citrus industry in Pakistan. We have the best citrus in the world that your customers always have the optimum choice and the premium pick.

The range of citrus fruits available today defies belief like Kinnow, Sangtra, Malta, and Fruiter. These are most popular in Pakistan as well as the international market. It is available every year from mid of December – January middle.

Our Harvest Technics

The harvesting season for citrus starts from November to ends till March. We are harvest when the rind is dry. Putting the fruit away wet could lead to rot and use a pair of pruning shears to cut the stem near the rind. Although the rinds appear durable, they are easily damaged by fingernails during handling. Once the rind is damaged, disease organisms can enter and cause the fruit to decay. 

Now we take care of harvesting our variety of citrus, especially before storing it. Harvest wearing soft gloves and place the fruit gently into a basket or box. Never pull the fruit off the tree as this can damage the tree branches.

Our Storage Technics

We emphasize quality products and ensure the freshness of the citrus. After harvesting the citrus, we should be brought to the packaging shed then graded by size & quality and packed in baskets or ventilated boxes. Citrus was washing lightly, dried, re-waxed, and polished with soft brushes in order to substitute the natural wax coat lost in washing.

The fresh fruit can be kept in storage & maintenance of an optimal temperature level during postharvest storage as the main strategy in order to extend the shelf-life. Optimal temperature and high relative humidity levels (RH 90–95%) represent the best strategy for citrus fruit storage. RH prevents moisture loss from the host tissues and consequent shriveling.

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